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Erin left a comment that others may have:  how do you “subscribe” to this or other blogs?  One of the most common ways is with a newsreader, such as Google Reader.  Here is a screen snap showing my Google Reader page (click to zoom):


All of the blogs that I’m interested in are in one place, and I can easily see which ones have new posts.

There are a lot of web-based and standalone news readers.  I’ve been using Google Reader for a few years and it has worked just fine.  Check out Google Reader for Beginners for a good introduction and getting-started video.  You don’t have to use Google Reader though–any newsreader will work with any blog.

As mentioned yesterday, the Garden page is a separate blog and feed, so you’ll have two addresses in your reader:

http://pd.kalafut.net                 (this blog)
http://pdg.kalafut.net               (garden blog)

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