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Freezing Rain

Freezing rain must be one of the oddest phenomenon.  Icicles hang from the side view mirror and on the bottom of the car.  Walking on the sidewalk is so treacherous I feel like should have worn shoes with spikes on the sole for friction.  I need something that can grab onto the ground that is frozen solid.

I can still hear the rain outside splattering on the window and I can see it turned to ice.   It is just so odd to see it happen in a few seconds.  I’m not planning to venture out again until tomorrow morning.  Hopefully when we wake up in the morning the driveway will not be a sheet of ice.  Keeping my fingers cross.



Jim and I would like to wish all of you who visit this site a very happy New Year.  May the new year bring you joy and happiness.

Best Wishes,

Jim and Angela


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