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books Over the 2009 Christmas Holidays,  I decided to write a program to help track the books that I have read over the years.  I wanted something plain a simple… but online, so I can access it anywhere I go.   After searching the web and trying out a few different web services, I decided to write my own version.   Goal for the site:

1) Track books that I’ve read.

2) A waitlist so I can remember the books I’m waiting for (new in a series,etc)

3) Some means to see the number of books I have read over the years and over months in the current year

4) Can link to Amazon or Bookmooch

It is now life at   I need some testers so if anyone of you are willing to try it out, that would be awesome.   Volunteers please!!!   Send me ideas too :-) .   Thanks in advance.

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