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Another “last post”!  It feels like I just got done writing one of these.  But while the last “last post” closed out our New Zealand adventure as we returned to Peoria, I’m happy to say that this post really marks the beginning of a new life for Angela and me.  As you’ve heard or inferred from the most recent posts, we’ve relocated to Oregon.  This is a wholesale uprooting:  resigning from our jobs, selling our house, and starting fresh in the Pacific Northwest.  There will be lots to report, and the blog format has served us well so we’ll continue with it.  (Sorry Facebook… your ephemeral updates will just not do.  And I won’t even discuss Twitter.)

You can now visit and bookmark our new blog, Oregon Life.  It has just been created and may change significantly as we decide what to do with it, but even in its current lean condition it is a good channel that will let us post about how things are going.

Lastly, as with NZ Life, the Peoria Dispatch will remain here forever.

Bye Peoria, hello Salem!

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