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Peoria to Salem

Leaving Illinois and entering Iowa (picture courtesy of my cheap old cell phone) Continue Reading »


Bye-bye Peoria

I’m heading off now…  did not get a chance to finish my blog last night so oh well..  I’m going out to say goodbye to baby and tommy and the neighbors.   Oregon… here I come.


Last Night in P-town

Well folks,  it has been a good 12 years living in Peoria.  I am sitting in our family room on the floor.  The house is completely empty except for a few of my things.  I have a freschetta pizza in my freezer and a little container of orange juice.  Frozen pizza will be delivered to the Kleimenhagen’s at 7:45pm this evening. As for the OJ, well that will be breakfast tomorrow.

Let’s see,… 1998 was when I joined Caterpillar after college.  Yup, wide eye and eager ;-) .   I sure had a lot of fun at work and at home.  Lots of tennis, swimming and running over the years.   I ran steam boat race twice,  and ran Race of the cure every year since 2005….

To Be Continued (after pizza delivery)…………….

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