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Fall at Tanner’s Orchard

tanners It’s our fall ritual; every year in late September or early October, Jim and I would visit the apple orchard.   It’s quite a large orchard located about 25 mins north of Peoria City.   As we enter the store,  there is always two huge barrel filled with freshly made chilled apple cider.  The taste is simply lovely, the sweetness of the cider melts in your mouth.   The main store sells all sorts from apples, to jams, to soup mixes and cute trinkets.   One other main attraction in the store is the bakery,…. “love apple fritters,  hmmmm YUMMY”.  I’m sure most visitors go to the orchard first but we decided first stop should be the bakery :-) .  Oh… I should not forget to mention, they have yummy apple cinnamon donuts.

Don’t worry folks, we did pick a pack of apples.   We chose to walk (of course trying to convince ourselves that would be enough to burn of the fritters ),  but families could ride in a tractor wagon to the orchard.   There were rows and rows of Jonathan,  Golden Delicious, Fuji,  Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, etc.   The trees were full of apples and I plucked them to my heart’s content.   I love going to the orchard and it’s one of the few perks that I really treasure living in a small town.  Nothing like fresh apples from the orchard!

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