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Debbie Does Disaster

Debbie Deborah Gibson’s “Out of the Blue” royalties must be drying up.  No worries as I’m sure her new film will make a billion dollars.

Admit it: you want to see a shark eat an airplane.


Name That Movie

Enough serious posts for one week…


Not only is the diesel sign nostalgic, it’s a hint.  Too hard?  Try a slightly easier version.



Just a quick note giving our thumbs up to the new Disney/Pixar movie, “Wall•E”. It’s a great movie for kids and adults. The animation is of course excellent (as they all are anymore), but what is really novel is the story itself. By far the most original I’ve seen in years (trailer).  Though there are some heavy enviro/political overtones, the points of comment are really fundamental to the whole plot and didn’t get annoying.

4.5/5 stars.  Go see this one on the big screen if you can.

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