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Almost three years ago I created my first and only blog, NZ Life.  Its purpose was to provide an easy way to update friends and family about our experience in New Zealand, and it succeeded in that and more.  I found it not only much better than email for general broadcasts (e.g. people could come by once in a while and catch up), but it was personally very satisfying.  What formed was a diary that I probably would not have otherwise written, and even in the short time since I’ve been back I’ve referred to it on numerous occasions.

Upon my return in Oct 2007, I had all intentions of jumping right into a Peoria blog.  For lots of lame reasons (laziness chief among them) that is only now happening.  This blog will carry on the tone of the last–random things from our lives–though having now ditched the “NZ” theme the topics should open up a bit.  I can now post all those tech and politics stories that no one cares about (or those who do have already read elsewhere), Angela can post interesting things about food and gardens, and the world can become rapt by the tales of home improvement.

Mostly it will be fun to have a diary again, and I look forward to seeing the occasional comment.

Enjoy, and subscribe now!

3 Responses to “Welcome Back”

  1. Deborahon 05 Jun 2008 at 10:58 pm

    Hi Angela and Jim – neat to know you’ve got a Peoria (home!) blog. I look forward to keeping updated on what’s happening in your world. We’re heading into winter now … it’s mild today but that means it’ll change tomorrow. I believe snow is forecast – how crazy is that this early in winter?! Pat (Pecchio) is bringing his family to ChCh this coming weekend for a month so I really hope it doesn’t snow just yet. Not much happening in my life really. I did do a night class with Tessa (last term) – stone carving using Oamaru stone. It’s nice and soft and easy to carve. I loved the class. We got to make lots of little things and my main piece was two bookends (that I use as CD ends) in the shape of a Koru. I think they look pretty good – I will try and remember to take photos and send them to you. Tessa enjoyed it so much that she has gone back to the advanced class this term. I think she’s making a piece for her garden. Better get back to work. Take care both of you and enjoy your summer.

  2. Christianon 05 Jun 2008 at 11:33 pm

    Welcome back to the blog world.

  3. Ngairaon 06 Jun 2008 at 12:59 am

    About time too! Cos you two are DREADFUL at emails!!! so go to Fiona’s blog Poppiesanddaises.blogspot.com and catch up with their doings and mine is slowly being added to at juniorwashbourn-canterburytales.blogspot.com

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