Too much nature in the backyard?

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon in Peoria.  After returning from the Peoria Art Fair,  I thought I’d go to our backyard and finish staining the fence.  There are only 5 more fence panels to go.   So I started off staining the fence,  an hour later Jim came out to join me.  As he looks around the fence, he yelled out “Hey, did you see that?”.  I was busy painting and did not look up.  I yelled back “Look at what?”; “That!” he said.  “That” did not peak my interest so I went on until he said “A headless bird sitting on the fence post” pointing towards the fence post.  Ok, that did it…  a headless bird????.  Eeeuwhhhhh!!!!! Eeeeuwhhhh! Eeeuwwhhh!!! especially when 20 mins ago, I was 1 panel away away from that post.  It could have fallen on my head, as i was merrily painting away.   As my heads spins on what could happen should the headless bird had fallen on me ;-) , Jim removed the bird from the post.

After recovering from my “what ifs” and purging all the gross images from my head, he and I continued working on the fence.  About 2 hours later we were done.  I left to water the front lawn where I had put some seeds down.  Jim was cleaning out the stain sprayer.  Then I hear, “Angela come quick!!”.   He and I walked slowly into our backyard and saw sitting on the fence at the right corner was a full grown hawk.  So that should explain the headless bird on the fence post, it also explains why my bird feeder has been full for the past two weeks.   It’s pretty cool to have a hawk visit, but I am not sure if I want to find headless birds or parts of birds in my flower bed.  On the up side,  I’ve not seen those pesky little chipmunks around either,  so that’s great!

2 Responses to “Too much nature in the backyard?”

  1. Annetteon 30 Sep 2008 at 9:41 pm

    Yuk!! And I thought a baby chick lying squashed in the car park after being blown out if its nest yesterday was pretty gross but that is even worse.

  2. Angelaon 02 Oct 2008 at 10:23 pm

    Yup!.. I’m not one for dead squashed or headless birds. Now every time I look out into the yard, I scan the lawn and fence for dead birds.. a bit of paranoia going on ;-) .

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